Take 25 Social Media Tips

Social media is a great way to promote child safety. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and other popular social media channels to get everyone talking about prevention.

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Need help getting started? Try using these tools to get your community involved.


Facebook is an easy way to tell your friends and fans how important child safety is. Simply update your Facebook cover photo or use these posts to spread the message.

·Pledge to Take 25! Just a few minutes out of your day can help empower children to make safer decisions. Start the conversation today. www.take25.org

·Save the Date! National Missing Children’s Day is May 25th. Join the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to help make child safety a priority. Share Safety Tips and other resources with the trusted adults in your community. www.Take25.org/resources

·Child safety is everyone’s responsibility. Parents, guardians, educators, law-enforcement, and others in the community can join together to help protect our children. Visit www.Take25.org to learn more!

·Dinner time is a great time to talk about your day and instill important safety messages with kids. Use @iTake25 tips and Discussion Guides to get started. www.Take25.org/resources

·Bring safety to the classroom! Take 25 has great resources to help get educators talking about safety with students. Safety activities, Safety Tips and Activity sheets help get the lessons started! www.Take25.org/resources

·Drive time is the perfect time to talk about safety. Use your child’s commute to kick-start the conversation. Where are the safe places they could go if they need help? www.take25.org/resources


Twitter is a great way to get your followers more engaged with child safety. Follow @iTake25, retweet messages during the campaign, and create your own tweets! Let’s get conversations going one tweet at a time! 

·Pledge to #Take25! Just 25 min could help empower children to make safe decisions.

·Be a champion for #childsafety. Pledge to #Take25 minutes today!

·#Take25 minutes to talk to your kids about #childsafety today.

·Help make child safety a priority! Use @iTake25 tips & resources to talk about #childsafety.

·Every moment is a teachable moment. Take time to talk to children today! #Take25

·May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day. #Take25 minutes today to talk to children about safety.

·Learn more about #childsafety by signing up for the @itake25 monthly e-newsletter.

·When it comes to #childsafety, I take 25, do you? #Take25


Show us how you Take 25! Submit photos of how your family, community or organization makes safety a priority. Submitting photos to the official Take 25 Instagram stream is easy! Just use hashtag #Take25 and tag us @iTake25.

Looking for other ways to share the Take 25 message?

·Blog about us! Using your own words, tell your followers about the Pledge and how you Take 25.

·Sign up for the Take 25 e-newsletter to receive more information about the safety risks and tips.

·Download a web banner for your organization’s website.

·Place the Take 25 article in your community newspaper or organizational newsletter.

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